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"Donate to our children"

Who We Are

Books For You Miami is a Non Profit Organization created by Alejandro Barriga in March 2020. Books for You Miami redistributes used or new books and educational material completely free to communities, schools, or organizations in need at the local, state, and international levels. We believe that access to books and educational materials is a right, not a privilege.

3 Simple Steps

Books For You’s process for helping a community is quite a SIMPLISTIC yet FASCINATING three-step system.


organize, filter, pack

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Do you have your donation ready?

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Pick-up day

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Donate books or educational material


We appreciate your interest in contributing to our cause. Before we can accept your donation, please ensure that the books meet our collection criteria.


Collected items

• Books for various age groups
(Pre-k - High school)
• Backpacks
• Pencils & Colored Pencils
• Paper
• Erasers
• Calculators
• Notebooks

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Do NOT collect

• Dictionaries
• Encyclopedias
• Magazines
• College books

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All educational materials should be in good condition, whether they are new or used.
If your donation consists of fewer than 50 items, you can drop them off at one of our locations.
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Prepare Your Donation

  • Create a donation filter to separate books or educational materials.
  • Ensure that the items are in good condition.

Contact Us

  • Reach out to us via WhatsApp or Instagram.
  • Include your address and the number of books or educational materials you are donating.

Schedule a Pickup

  • A Books For You Miami staff member will coordinate with our volunteers for a pickup.
  • Our volunteers will not enter your home; donations should be placed on the doorstep.
  • Pack items in manageable boxes for easy transportation.

Specify Quantity

  • To facilitate an efficient pickup, please specify the quantity of your donation.
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Schedule Your Pickup

  • Once we’ve scheduled your pickup with a specific date and time, one of our dedicated Books For You Miami volunteers will come to collect your donation.

Donation Processing.

  • After pickup, your contribution will be transported to our location.
  • It will be sorted, organized, and prepared for future donations.

Stay Connected with Us.

  • Please share your Instagram account with us.
  • This will allow us to express our gratitude for your meaningful contribution to the community and its significance for children and youth in need.
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Boxes/DROP-OFF Locations

You have the option to make your donation directly at one of our designated collection centers

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Click Here to see Face to Face Languages Location
Click Here to see I.Q. ZONE Location

We Support...

Are you a/an... interested in receiving our donations?

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Please provide a brief summary of your identity, your location, the number of children, youth, or adults you intend to benefit from these donations, and the impact you aspire to achieve through our contributions. We assess each request individually and will directly contact you to provide a response.

It’s a pleasure to hear that you want to volunteer with Books For You Miami. Over 200+ enthusiastic volunteers are consistently engaged in our exciting opportunities!

Be A Volunteer-usar

Donation Pickup Volunteer

(Requires access to transportation and a valid driver's license or the presence of an adult)

This role involves collecting donations at various locations from South Miami to Fort Lauderdale and then bringing them to the Doral location.

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Location Volunteer

At our location, donations are sorted by grade, organized into properly labeled boxes and prepared for future donations.

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Event Volunteer

Books For You Miami is often invited to events by other organizations where we donate books or educational materials to the community. The number of volunteers needed depends on the size of the event.

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Become part of the BFY Recognition Program

Our ambassadors are young individuals in schools who want to represent us, enabling them to organize book drives, events, and more within their school communities. This role grants them a significant role within our organization. Moreover, it allows you to earn volunteer hours for your efforts, and it looks extraordinary on your university applications to have worked with Books For You Miami as a non-profit organization.


Financial Support


Given the complexity and costliness of logistics, including fuel, tolls, transportation, and our commitment to supporting education to reach the most remote communities, our Givebutter page is an essential avenue to ensure the sustainability and impact of our initiatives. Your contributions can make a significant difference in our mission to serve these underserved communities. Thank you for your support and generosity.


Another way of



On our Social Media, you will find the start of our various collections around Florida. You may also see Books for You participate in events or donating locally and internationally. Please follow us through our social media; your support makes a difference. Because of your follow, we get more books to donate! Join us! Invite your Friends and Family! Be a part of this great mission of Books for You Miami.

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Donations/book drives?

Need a donation for your organization?

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"A room without books is like a body without a soul"

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Be a Volunteer

The number of volunteer hours will be determined at the time of volunteering.

Be an Ambassador
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